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Who is Portal Shooting Range appropriate for?

Portal Shooting Range is appropriate for everyone: young kids, teens, and adults alike.

We offers family-friendly fun for everyone from age 5-95.  Our activities are appropriate for all ages because we use “Airsoft” firearms.
We offer great fun for individuals or group activities.
You can reserve all or part of the facility for a birthday party, bar/bar mitzvah party, bachelor/bachelorette party, team building activity, tour group or any other events.
   Get to know a world that strengthens you in many ways: concentration, precision, musculature, fine motor skills, and proper breathing.  The activities we feature release tension and increase self-confidence.  Portal Shooting Range offers an experience that is a gift to both body and soul.

   Everyone experiences a range of benefits from improving their ability to concentrate, focus, improved self-confidence, heightened sensory perception, and much more.
But is this an activity for kids?  
   Studies have been conducted comparing gamers who play violent video games (such as Contra Strike and others) and those who practice shooting as a hobby.  Results show clearly that it is the video games that encourage violence, while practice shooting as a hobby promotes sportsmanship and precision skills.

What are “Airsoft” firearms?


  • Airsoft firearms are weapons that are comparable to real weapons in weight, outward appearance, grip, ballistics, and more.

  • The bullets are made of a compressed 6 mm polymer alloy.

  • The guns work on four mechanisms: electric, air pressure, gas and spring.

  • The experience at Portal Shooting Range is appropriate for everyone – there is no required weapons license.

What do people shoot at?

At Portal Shooting Range, people shoot only at targets not at other people!
We offer a great variety of exercises and targets to vary and expand your experience.

First Station:

We begin by shooting at a carton target.  At this station we work on precision, fine motor control, and other qualities depending on the gun you choose.

Second Station:

We continue to the interactive area which is suitable for two or more participants. The competition adds action into the mix. You can compete against time or against each other by shooting at 16 targets with sensors.

Third Station: 

Shooting at moving targets.

Fourth Station:

At Portal Shooting Range, we call this the “ultimate” experience.  It involves simulating urban warfare.  Each individual participant has an instructor with him/her at all times.  There are four rooms with a total of 30 targets, and you have unlimited ammunition. This exercise is great fun and is suitable for age 10 and up.

What guns do we shoot with?


At Portal Shooting Range, we supply a wide range of “guns” to choose from:

Beretta M9, Glock-17, Colt 1911, the Israeli Tabor, M4, the shortened M16, sharpshooting rifles such as the Remington M700, long and short Kalashnikov, shotgun, and a selection of classic guns.

How does it work?


Each participant chooses the gun they want to shoot, and how many magazines of bullets they want to use .
Each “magazine” has a given number of bullets, and the number of bullets varies depending on which game you’ve chosen.
The price is affordable for every budget but the value of the experience is incalculable!


Price list:

1 magazine = 30₪ each

7 magazines = 21,5₪ each

14 magazines = 20₪ each

Close quarter battle training price: 2 magazines

One magazine for one person for one target.

So, what are you waiting for?

Come to the Portal Shooting Range - most spectacular attraction in Israel!
We are located in the G shopping center at the entrance to Yokneam Ilit, Hatamar Street 2, on the top floor, at the entrance to the area of offices after "Wine in the City".
We are open 7 days a week.
From 10:00 to 22:00


Reservation required!

Don't miss your dose of Adrenaline!!!!


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